Ann Driss Jeans (that’s MS. if you’re nasty)


Ann Driss collects thoroughly worn work jeans from genuine Tradeswomen. We then add value by repairing them with beautiful rugged tapestries, exquisite upholstery and sensuous velvet over the coin pocket, as one of our signature design motifs.

Sho Newman, a Biology major, worked both as a “lab rat,” and a carpenter apprentice for years. She supports her Mom and partially supports her two sisters.

Fashion victims pay out the nose, for in-authentically ‘distressed’ jeans, which are obviously and  carefully torn apart by slave wage labor in third world countries, who, no doubt, sew their disdain into their product. Last year Nordstrom made news for a $400. pair of jeans, fake dyed to look muddy.


We can get you in the pants of actual Bad Assed Tradeswomen, who authentically put their character in their jeans through hard sweat and labor, fighting sexism on the front line for you, in a macho industry that employs only 2% women.



Wabi Sabi style, holes are usually patched from the inside. Not only metaphoric for the tenacity of human resilience to heal from within, it also protects the now fragile fabric. The peek through holes, are carefully preserved and displayed with pride, like Roller Derby Kisses and battle scars.




Another signature motif on some jeans is a single ‘comfort and confidence’ bead above the left front pocket by the belt-loop, a handy reminder to focus on your own desires and satisfaction in the context of being responsible to something bigger than yourself.


Sometimes the most beautiful bits of fabric are hidden inside, for internal fortitude, only seen by the wearer.


We have several styles of jeans that are categorized by concepts. Each style has an elaborate description with sociological commentary. Each pair of jeans comes with brief bios and stories of the woman who made them magic.

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Japanese/Israeli, she grew up with traditional Japanese culture yet matriarchal. Her Mom was single and a successful career woman. ‘Sho’ is a boys name in Japanese. She renovated her own house.

pecuniary emulation, conspicuous consumption and leisure class referenced in the marketing material. These are the most-ratty assed ripped up britches, with the greatest amount of time in repair. They can be any of the following styles. This category refers to the highest priced jeans. Check him out: Thorstein Veblem . They might come from the bad girl who blew through her trust, or they maybe from the foster kid who dodged a career in the sex industry. We ain’t tellin’.




“Butcher than your Boyfriend Jeans” and “Bad Ass BE Atch,” are the standard. They are named after the woman who wore them, who choose which category they want their story associated with. Their stories are about hardships overcome, about what makes them powerful and resilient, that impulse that makes them take the Rosie the Riveter ‘show your gun pose.’ It’s that chutzspah that other women want to take on and wear with pride. It’s in their resume, jobs they’ve worked, and things they have accomplished. It’s where their pride shows. Tags may include pictures of jobs, or projects. It may include a business card if they do sidework in residential or small business tenant improvement, or it might be interesting hobbies,  if that adds to the brand.

Gretchen Bonitz wrote a book on ancient classical yoga philosophy, earned two journeyman tradesman cards, an AAS in Construction Management, built her own computer and picks up new skills quicker than some people change their socks.

‘The Job Site Girl,” are fancy pants, often tight fitting, bedazzled with shiny girly looking bling. Jobsite girls are the gals who work the double standard, some to their advantage, some to their detriment, and then some to their sister’s detriment. Just as there is no hard line that defines ‘slut,’ a ‘Jobsite girl’ can be someone who merely smiles, to get in the door, acts friendly and concerned about her coworkers problems. By simply being a decent person, base minded men will assume they are coming on to them. She is primarily the fantasy that guys put on their calendars, of booby shirts, heavy makeup and high heeled worked boots. She is the woman who flirts to keep her job, and to get close to a tradesman who might teach her something. She is the one who is most subject to sexual harassment and assault, whether she was ‘asking for it’ or not. She is often the one who is most vulnerable. Jobsite girls, like harlots, are defined by and tangled up with the Johns who name and call them out. Like the temple priestesses who tamed the wild man Inkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the saloon girls who tamed the Wild Wild West, they are intricately involved in the complexities of women’s empowerment. The Jobsite Girl, if she also knows how to do the job, will outlast the women who don’t want to play that game, until she’s no longer a fuckable age.

Women who don’t play the double standard, who don’t want that kinda ‘work twice as hard’, are disadvantaged in competition with them. Hence ‘Jobsite girls’ are the most controversial category of tradeswomen. We at Ann Driss don’t engage in slut bashing, so the jeans in this category are anonymously contributed, unless someone wants to proudly claim that infamy.


The mission of Ann Driss Endeavors is the promotion of tradeswomen. By promotion we mean several things:

*to increase awareness to the general public of the benefits of being a tradeswomen,
*to brand tradeswomen in an encouraging manner,
*to facilitate the advancement of their careers, encouraging the industry to promote them with opportunities for jobs, training, and advancement.
*creatively combat oppressive sexism.

No, we don’t tailor them to suit you or your skinny ass. If you ain’t big enough to fit in our britches then you need to get some damn meat on your bones. We might make them bigger tho, for a hefty price.