Fun Stuff with the Yoga Sutras

Workshops and study groups are an obvious option. I have lots of ideas for workshops.

Subash Mitthal’s study group worked perfectly for me. I’d replicate his method of sitting in a circle, and going around reading different translations of the same sutras, then discussing how it lands and relates to people’s experiences.

There are online schools that might be viable.

The vision I have for an electronic version and study guide is far more interesting than a simple PDF. I imagine being able to interact with the text in various layers.

The aphorisms, and the many expanded lists therein, lend themselves interactive hyperlinks. Even a Power Point presentation or sooped up google doc would add interest. Doing a Prezi would allow connecting various thread and themes, and the ability to pull them out and discuss them with discrimination.

Using a simple Zenlike version, I imagine being able to click and open up to all kinds of psychedelic images, Gifs, visual commentary, derived from the volumes of traditional verbal concepts.

On an academic level, I imagine each of my interpretations connected to the Sanskrit source translations, and at will, a reader could discover the process in my word choices.

Each English choice of key Sanskrit terms might also be linked to a glossary.

And the Sanskrit might be recorded along with animated Devanagari for multi-sensual engagement.

A Sanskrit soundtrack might accompany the animated digital picture book.