Coaching brings another perspective to your life. It identifies beliefs that impact your reality. It is the catalyst of care, awareness, and insight. In Whole Life Coaching,  we identify what you want, and the steps to make it happen.

Coaching helps you accomplish your goals. We get clear on what they are, how they relate to other parts of the puzzle of your personal and professional life. We identify what the obstacles are, determine strategies and over come blocks to achieve your goals.

Accountability is an integral part of it. Having someone in your life who cares about what’s important to you, validates it. Knowing that someone is expecting you to fulfill a promise you’ve made to yourself profoundly increases the probability that you will do it. It’s an excellent way to deepen your trust in yourself.

The principles of my coaching practice are based in a holistic view of the self as integral to many complex systems.  I encourage and inspire you to claim your personal power within the context of your life and your relationships. My expectations of accountability and integrity are rigorous and I bring out the best in people.

Getting to the truth of the matter is the foundation and practice of my approach to life coaching.

The business part of our coaching basically looks like this: