Life coaching can show up in different ways:

coaching tool box
a coach is like a tool box

1) Helping Co-Workers accomplish their goals. We get clear on what they are, how they relate to other parts of the construction puzzle. We get clear about what the obstacles are and get past them.

2) Working with individuals in their personal lives, which is a more holistic approach.

Both processes consist of gaining clarification and rely on accountability. The first is generally in the course of a days work. The latter is broader and deeper and requires more personal commitment.

The principles of my coaching practice is the same for both. My management skills draw on my coaching training. It consists of more facilitation and service models, than a domineering approach. Rather than exerting power over people that I supervise, I encourage and inspire their claiming their power within their role and responsibilities. My expectations of accountability and integrity are rigorous and I bring out the best in people.

Getting to the truth of the matter is the foundation and practice of my approach to life coaching.

The business part of our coaching basically looks like this: