*Games to show Boys and Men healthy and satisfying ways to relate to Women.               *Girls make the Rules (on how they expect to be treated).                                                          *Women score men on their perrformance.

February 25, 2018

Peaceworks, or LEAp~ OR SOMETHING ELSE

Portland Oregon



Table of Contents


Table of Contents. 1

Agreements. 2

Non-Disclosure. 2

Non-Compete. 2

The Need for the product 2

Inadequate and inaccurate relationship roles in media and education. 2

game Vision. 2

Business Operational Mission, style. 3

Project Development intentions and Goals. 4

Team.. 7

Age Levels of Play. 8

Boys age 5-Puberty. 8

Puberty-Mid 20s. 9

Most of the games cater to ‘Grown Ast Men’ and address the following: 9

Topics of Interests / Aspirational Goals. 9

Themes throughout 9













The Need for the product

Inadequate and inaccurate relationship roles in media and education


Tomes have been written about sexual violence, harassment, discrimination, gender inequality and gendered oppression. Hundreds of thousands of people have built entire academic careers studying the underlying problems in heteronormative relations. Massive sex industry is based on catering to men’s superficial desires, leaving them with aching existential despair, while women remain largely unsatisfied.


If the need isn’t obvious, an hour spent watching the documentary “Miss Representation” will make it clear.


The following links also points to the need for women’s perspectives in games.



Similar games establishing a market


Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

10 Best Dating Sims


Here's also a light primer on some issues surrounding women in gaming that you may or may not be familiar with: 



There are also a couple books I have that have discussions about these themes: Geek Feminist Revolution and You Play the Girl. They're both collections of essays and I believe both are available at the library (and at Powell's, where I picked them both up). Also, pretty sure I own them both, so happy to lend! 


Eager to hear your thoughts on these! Game list is coming separately as a share from Google Drive.


Game Vision

Deconstructing oppressive gendered beliefs and habits to replace them with understanding and function behaviors.

The games are designed with the sole intent to engage boys and men in their own liberation from oppressive gendered memes and tropes. New insights from play, and new models of behaving and relating open possibilities for them to move in the ‘real world’ with greater happiness and healthier impacts on others.

Deconstructing oppressive gendered beliefs and habits to replace them with understanding and function behaviors.

The games are designed with the sole intent to engage boys and men in their own liberation from oppressive gendered memes and tropes. New insights from play, and new models of behaving and relating open possibilities for them to move in the ‘real world’ with greater happiness and healthier impacts on others.

Mining data on dangerous men, finding those with compulsions towards violence towards women and children in their play (versus those who find themselves in dark realms by accident who work to learn from their mistakes, responsive to information on how their behavior affects themselves and others), may lead to the social benefit of intel to battle sex traffickers, rapists, and child molesters.


Business Operational Mission, style


Any social project is bound to have holographic elements of the greater society it emerges within. Hence it is reasonable to expect that the ills we are aiming to address will be found within our organization and with the individuals comprising it, as internalized gendered oppression. Therefore, a deep personal and collective commitment to healing those ills is a basic requirement of those employed in this project. Our corporate mission includes:

·         Commitment to kindness and honesty

·         Compassionate communication

·         Personal and professional integrity in what works in service of:

*our individual needs/goals,

*consideration and responsiveness to our coworkers needs/goals,

*and commitment to furthering the work of the organization.

When this company is fully funded in its start up phase, we intend to treat each other in our ongoing daily work relations with the golden/platinum rule.  This means treating others both as we wish to be treated, and with great consideration and responsiveness to how they wish to be treated. Our work culture will include practices of non-violent/ compassionate communication.  We expect there to be more emotional and interpersonal processing than in male dominated work spaces. We are determined to work through issues that have divided women for centuries, to be cohesive and united in our efforts fix what has not worked for us collectively. 

We will design our work culture in ways that support and nurture our personal lives, including:

·         Body care breaks through the day, spaces for movement (like yoga and tai chi within the immediate environment.)

·         On-site child care, including after school activities, with male and non-binary gendered care givers.

·         Ongoing opportunities for both secluded work and for team work.

·         Fun of playing and the satisfaction of making a positive difference.

·         Holistic and integrative health care.

·         Healthy competition of the sort that nurtures the best in each of us, avoiding and unwinding the ‘cut throat kill or be killed, dog eat dog, king of the hill’ environments that boy culture fosters.  

The CEO, Founder, Board members, Officers, and Managers will have a cap on their income in a reasonable ratio to other employees. The controlling shares of the stock will rest with the employees, ensuring buy-in and integrity to the mission and the goals of the organization. We intend to be a Social Benefits corporation, including in our bylaws a commitment to our communities, and to our environments which will both support healthy profit, economic stability and abundance as well as supporting our integrity as interconnected to all that we are in contact with. We use our resources wisely and conscientiously.




Project Development intentions and Goals

Gendered input

A fundamental goal of the project is bringing women’s perspectives out of the background into the foreground for balance. We are doing this because men currently control most of the media, emphasizing their perspectives, desires and expectations. Most of the game and pornography industry is ruled by these dominant, oppressive, privileged perspectives. Recognizing that this reality bubble is the root cause of hosts of problems and suffering for every gendered identity, we aim to create an antidote for it, by foregrounding women’s perspectives, emphasizing their needs, desires and expectations. 

Men and boys will have opinions, want to contribute, and probably feel entitled to do so. We DO want their contributions in specific ways. 

We want the input from highly emotionally intelligent men, socially evolved men, who are qualified to guide boys unharmed, through the tropes of toxic masculinity, unscathed, with full access to their emotions, with skills to teach them to manage their feelings and to work with them to integrate them into their clear thinking.  We welcome those who have studied, educated, proven ways to teach and raise healthy boys to happy self-actuated men, capable of equal peer-based partnerships in relationships.

We have received clear and ample messages about what men want and expect from women. We have the information we need there.

We do want men to play the games we create, to have fun with them, to feel passionate about them, engaged with them, to learn and grow from them, both in personal insights, emotional awareness and depth, also in awareness, empathy and compassion for others. We intend for this series of games to increase awareness of cause and effect, of interdependence and a sense of empowerment by embodying compassionate responsiveness.

We are very receptive to feedback about the games goals and intentions from all the players. We plan to make them individually and culturally relevant, responsive, and adaptable. We intend to create them so that they can evolve with players and with social trends. Active input will be integral to the design, and we will make beta tests available to investors and otherwise silent partners.

We want men’s financial and emotional support, but we are not relying on it, yet.

Women will design, fund and build these games. Lea Peace, as founder and concept initiator will head the Social Engineering Department and employ other experts in humanities. Jordan Hall is leading Operations. We will look for women to fill most of the roles, in the art and coding, as they have embodied expertise in women’s perspectives.  We have aspirational goals to employ men in a reverse ratio to other companies in the industry, at about 20 per cent, if we can find those who are both qualified and interested. We will use standard marketing in our outreach to them.


Tabletop Board or Card Game

First phase of the project establishes the market and generates sufficient income for growth into next phase.

The initial Peaceworks team, or LeaP~ team (not attached to any name, just a placeholder), will construct a prototype at the Dames Squad tabletop game design half jam event March 3rd, 2018, at WACOM experiences, Portland OR. With a team of women who are committed to the vision, we will move forward in its production and we will test it locally. Then we will begin development and production to source funds through Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, Patreon, or similar crowd funding source.

At this event we will begin building a team for the business moving forward with its next projects.

This project will need to be simple in production, with the intention to infiltrate the market and seed interest. A card game, or basic board game may be the way to go.

It is likely that men will prefer to the play these games solo, with only a small percentage of play being in groups. The group setting may mimic ‘bachelor parties’, or cruising bars with a ‘wing man’. Current masculine tropes discourage men from ‘not knowing’. Not being the expert in all things is a ‘shameful state.’ Game play for ‘posses’ requires a complexity better suited for later versions.

While some men do play with ‘tarot’ type cards, more women do. The association of cards with studying is something to consider, as the basest of masculine tropes are averse to education.

The game could be ‘lesbian wing man’ or could be target to a cis female market where they pay to design their ‘Frankenlover,’ ideal courtship. It could be a series of challenges similar to Card against humanity.

The success of the first phase may be measured by:

·         Presence of committed team of women determined to follow through on the project.

·         Clear vision of game products for fundraising awards.

·         Effort in prototyping a prototype.


Mobile App

Similarly, a two-pronged approach can be employed, with one version targeted to women collecting their ideals, desires, needs. This could be not only a source of material for the men’s games, but it can also be transformative for women in recognizing and clarifying their own stand point, what they are negotiating for in relationships, what they are settling for, at what cost.

The mobile app for men could include role playing options where they can test out options in scenarios. Having it interactive with paid ‘relationship coaches,’ perhaps not in real time, but in a manner to collect data on specific situations that can be managed and responded to with forethought.


The mobile app (Frankenlover) serves as the vehicle for mined data consisting of things like:

The mobile app focus for men could include role playing options where they can test out options in scenarios. It might have an interactive element for paid ‘relationship coaches,’ or hired ‘wing men’ maybe/maybe not in real time, but in a manner to collect data on specific situations that can be managed and responded to with forethought.

An advanced version might integrate the two, giving people the option of finding each other IRL like the pokemon go app that trended for a moment. The human safety issues would need to be very thoroughly studied before implementing something like this.

It would contain with transparency, what the intended level of play is for each, what their level of interest in ‘commitment’ and monogamy is.


Video Game

A role-playing game for men, with highly realistic visual aesthetics, wherein men can choose the look of the characters, and some aspects of personality, the choosing of which will give them psychological insights and point them towards empathy and understanding. Through-out the game the choices they make have realistic psychological and social impacts. The relationship between cause and effect is made clear, sometimes, but not always at the moment of choice. Cheat sheets are available at a price.

While men have the experience of making choices, the choices presented are designed by women.

Women designers work within existing masculine memes and tropes, deconstructing and replacing them with new ones which prioritize our needs and nudging the scale back create equality, equally valuing our desires.

The intention is to make it addictive for those who don’t understand what’s functional in relationships. There’s a fortune that women can make in that, while keeping the perps out of the ‘real world’. Creating within the game, ways out of the addiction, as training to be decent people.



Virtual Reality

The movie ’Zero Theorum,’ (Terry Gilliam) shows where the sex industry might evolve. Our intention is to make sure that women’s perspective is fundamental to that.



Social engineering team

Lea starts as lead, working from her experiences, which began (like everyone) with the power dynamics between her biological and step-parents. She lived with the repercussions of a father whose masculinity was self-defined by being a ‘lady’s man.’ Lea was date raped in high school and in her youth subject to near constant sexual harassment. With the undeniable messages, from infinite external sources, that her value was in her attractiveness, she found topless dancing as a natural career choice, preferable to going to college for an MRS. degree and being possessed by one man. She worked that career for about 13 years, while developing skills as a massage therapist, healer and yogi. Her personal energetic and psychological healing work has been continuous. When dancing topless was no longer an option, she spent between 2000 and 2005 studying humanities: psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and gender studies, earning her BA from Vermont College and her MA from North Carolina State. Her thesis, “The Guru, The Stripper; interpersonal and gendered power with in the taboo on women’s sexual self-determination,” informs this project. Her next career step was in the construction industry, which employs 2% women. During the past eight years, she earned a journeyman card in carpentry, bought a card in surveying, earned two AAS, one from the trade, and the other in Construction Management. Finding no career opportunities for advancement in this field (despite studying more diligently than anyone she knows), she is intimately aware of oppressive gendered tropes and the lived experience of being ‘Hillary pilloried’. She recognizes, that while something,  may in fact, albeit nebulous, maybe wrong with her, it does not occur in a vacuum; there are causes and effects, we are all in this together.

Recognizing that every individual has a perspective on world we all experience, she intends to learn from everyone she meets. She intends to crowd source the data, as well as the funds, from social engineering experts, such as:

·         Sexologists

·         Professors of Women and men’s studies

·         Relationship coaches

·         Behaviorists

·         Semiologists





Jordan Hall is, who has a background in the operations of a game related tech start up, is heading the Operations department. This role requires knowledge of game design and development, and ease of working with men and women.  She will be responsible for HR, Payroll, Accounting/bookkeeping, and Marketing teams.

Game Design and Mechanics

Seeking a woman to partner with who has a background in the mechanics of game design and development, who has some ease of working with men and women. She will lead design teams prompted by our vision, mission, and goals and data integration.


Crowd Sourced Input

Women pay (and buy silent shares) to give detailed specifications of their preferences and requests.

Men pay to vote for the celebrity they wish to court, to be included in beta testing, and to buy silent shares.

Capacity for tailoring to cultural and demographic specifications is engineered from the start, and ongoingly.




Age Levels of Play

Boys age 5-Puberty

The main intention and goal of these games is the develop awareness about the dangers of oppressive definitions of masculinity and the greater strength and resiliency in developing emotional intelligence and self-control. Herein are skill sets to counter bullyism, stopping it in oneself, and tools for working with emotions. Principles of Non-Violent, Compassionate and Conscious Communication are taught. Our aim is for boys to grow up with access to their emotions, and to feel the empowerment in the ability to respond, and of accepting responsibility in awerness. It includes psychological sleuthing, for them to develop the practice of consideration, to use their minds to understand others.

Within it are models of friendship and partnering with girls in non-sexual manners.

Add ins, at parental discretion,  are:

·         basic information about how people procreate

·         sexual health

·         birth control


Puberty-Mid 20s

These games are designed as buoyancy in emotionally tumultuous times. The focus on mindfulness skills, stress management, listening, and role playing scenarios designed to evoke empathy and understanding of others. They include integrating numerous forms of gender and sexual identity. Some of them are solitary games, many are online interactive group play.


Most of the games cater to ‘Grown Ast Men’ and address the following:

Topics of Interests / Aspirational Goals




Power Differential


Short Game

Long Game

Hittin’ it to quit it and score some more

Serial Monogamy

Paying for it

Scoring with your favorite Porn Star




Relationships as a tool for your personal, emotional, development

Relationships as a tool for your spiritual development


Themes throughout

empathy, consideration,

emotional awareness, emotional support,


partnership, doing your share as part of the team

unpaid effort, swapping favors

sex- hangovers


‘Abstention,’ and yogic celibacy.

The causes and effects of tropes like the Madonna/Whore construct on both the psyche, personal relationships, society, micro and macro economy.